Facebook Does a Major Privacy Settings Overhaul

ComScore on Tuesday revealed that Facebook continues to grow and a staggering 162 million unique visitors were recorded in July.

In spite of Google’s overhyped social networking service, Facebook has managed to keep the party rocking. Facebook is now widely seen as an important landing page for most luxury companies, especially due to its appeal among the affluent.

Interestingly, Twitter too has remained unscathed despite predictions of Google+ taking over Twitter’s success and bringing it down. What Facebook did not have, Google+ tried to gain ground in that particular area. That included privacy settings most importantly. After using Google+ for some time, many users began to question the authenticity of Google’s claims of absolute privacy on its social network. Meanwhile, Facebook announced major privacy settings overhaul today which would allow its members to control who sees their posts, videos, and photos.

Instead of vague terms like ‘everyone’ Facebook will now use terms such as ‘public’ so that users do not get confused. Moreover, each status or post made by a user would have privacy settings that could be adjusted according to the user’s wish. One no longer would have to use the circuitous method to access privacy settings. One of the more important changes made to Facebook’s privacy settings is the ability to change the access to tagged photos which may not be what the user wants to show everyone else on his or her friend list.

With the new privacy settings announced by Facebook and its rather exponential growth in traffic in July, and also a situation where Twitter remains unscathed, Google+ seems slightly over-rated, to be modest. So far, Internet users have continued to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn just like they have been using prior to Google Plus’ launching. It looks like Facebook is finally considering users’ privacy as a serious matter that could cost its business altogether. You could also read about Tips to Secure your Facebook Account, or Understand Facebook through Infographics.