Facebook Timeline Now Available To Everyone

Facebook’s much talked-about Timeline profile redesign is now being rolled out to everyone, the company said in a blog post.

Facebook engineer Paul McDonald announced the good (or bad, depending on your point of view) news. “Timeline gives you an easy way to rediscover the things you shared, and collect your most important moments. It also lets you share new experiences, like the music you listen to or the miles you run,” he said.

Facebook Timeline

Facebook also appears to be addressing privacy concerns raised since the introduction of the Timeline. First, users who upgrade to the Timeline will have a week to review how it will look before the new profile goes live.

Hiding in the new Facebook Timeline

As you look through all your old posts, you can hide anything you don’t want other people to see. Let’s face it, there are often times you want to shove incriminating updates and photos down the Memory Hole. On the other hand, you can also feature stories you really want people to see on your Timeline. The privacy settings have another level of granularity: you can have stories show up on your personal Timeline but have them invisible to everybody else. You can even customize your Timeline to a particular friend. This is extremely useful for people whose parents are on Facebook as well.

Facebook Activity Log

The Activity Log will enable you to look through your previous posts and figure out which ones other people will be able to see, from your latest posts to when you actually joined. But sifting through everything you’ve ever shared might be time-consuming.

If you want to switch, just go to the Introducing Timeline link. Facebook says they’re also rolling out Timeline for both their mobile site and their Android app.

We covered the launch of Timeline here, and also took a critical look at Timeline and its privacy issues.