What If Seinfeld Had Social Media? [Comic]

One of the best things about the 90s was the TV show Seinfeld. In it, they talked about answering machines and Melrose Place. 2011 is an entirely different beast, though. The world has changed a lot since then, and if Seinfeld was still airing, they would complain about other issues. What issues, do you ask? Well, here are some brilliant examples the people at C-Section Comics came up with.

The ideas are damn good, modern takes on plots we already loved. We could just see one of the characters breaking up with their current SO because they tweeted all in caps. These episodes just write themselves!


Also, we don’t know about our dear readers but we’re reading each dialog in their respective character’s voices. How do they do that? Jedi mind tricks? Magic? Whatever, just keep doing it, it just makes the comics better.


Another good episode could be one where Elaine just posts the color of her underwear on her wall, or where George does the opposite and starts a blog about how it is to live with his parents. Dammit, we demand a remake of this brilliant show! Someone please make it happen.

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