Samsung Maps Projection Onto Human Face

Samsung Portugal, to promote one of their new Android phones, projected some images perfectly mapped onto a person’s face.

This cool video comes to us courtesy of The Awesomer.

Samsung’s tagline for the phone, the Galaxy y Duos, is “Explore Your Dual World.” The phone has two SIM cards in it. In the video a bunch of cool images are projected onto an actor’s face, making him look like a robot, putting him into a video game, and having Google Maps trace a path through his ears.

This is a really cool technique, projecting images onto an actual person instead of just onto buildings and cars. It looks like the kind of thing Pink Floyd would have done in their stage shows if they were still around. At least the Flaming Lips have proved themselves as a spiritual successor to the Floyd. Hey, Wayne Coyne, what are you waiting for? We’d all love to see you do this at your shows.

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