Pinning For Politics: Obama Joins Pinterest

Late Tuesday, President Obama added Pinterest to his list of social media subscriptions, which already includes the likes of Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and Tumblr. The site, maintained by his reelection team has more than 49 pins already, which feature recipes, videos, pictures and everything your average social media user would put up there. He even has his Spotify playlist up there! Whadya know, the President is one of us after all! See his Pinterest board here.


The use of the site has been the matter of discussion. While some users have just discussed politics in the commentaries (an user replied “Still waiting for the jobs here in IL, we are heading in the wrong direction here due to the failed policies in Springfield.”” to a pin of a chart showing the job creation record, for example), others just see it as a regular user who happens to be the President of the USA.

Another post that stirred some controversy was a recipe for chili, which included red wine. One of the users finally came out and just said “Oh boy, can’t the Pres. share something as innocent as a darn recipe? This sounds yummy and healthy to me.”

Other political figures that have also joined the rapid-growing site include Ann Romney, Mitt Romney’s wife, which has caused similar reactions in the Pinterest community. All in all, it speaks well of the political landscape if users can straight up interact with relevant political figures whether being for, or against the political parties they belong to and the measures each one take. It’s just that, we expected a bunch of rage comics, all of them ending with the “not bad” face featuring the President himself …

Source: Yahoo! News

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