Firefox 6 Ready to Set the Net on Fire

Adaptability is the key to survival and in order to adapt to the changing times it is important to stay updated. One cannot find a better example for this than the World Wide Web. The internet has seen many changes ever since it came into existence even in one of its very basic areas, the browsers.

Browsers are required to access pages and a browser that gives best services is preferred by all explorers. In the past we have seen some browsers appear on the scene but fizzle out after some time as they could not keep up with the changing times while some have succeeded and stood the test of time. One such browser is Firefox from Mozilla which has recently released the latest Firefox v.6.0.

The fact that this is the sixth version of the browser speaks a lot of the pace at which things progress in the internet world. Every attempt is made to meet the expectation of the people and at the same time set new standards for browsing. Being one of the best browsers and preferred by millions across the globe, the developers of Firefox make sure that they never let their users let down and the increased speed performance in this new version is sure going to be a major plus point for this launch. The sooner a page loads the faster the work is done. You get to view the domain name of the website you are visiting on the address bar. The Site Identity Block has been given a sleeker look which becomes even better when you get a popup notification. Scratchpad, an interactive environment for testing out JavaScript has been included in this version.

The internet is a never ending source of knowledge and capability but at the same time it is a place that has mischievous minds working too. It has its share of threats and dangers which can prove to be disastrous for your machine and you. Firefox realizes this and has set new security standards in its latest version. It aims to give every user complete protection against villains like Trojans, worms, viruses, and spyware.

Users also have the option of customizing the look of their browser with Firefox version 6 which comes with 5000 plus add-ons. Go ahead and mix and match options to come up with your very personal looking interface. It would rather be impossible to spot two similar looking customized pages.

Besides making all new additions to the latest version, Mozilla has also taken care to put right over 1000 bugs. There is every good reason to upgrade to the new version which is sure to give you a whole new improved internet experience.

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