Major Samsung Mobile Release On 9/1/11

Samsung, the company chosen to produce Google’s sweet Nexus S model smartphone, is planning to at least announce if not release a product that will make a big boom in the industry (in a good way, they claim).

Tech industry experts are speculating what the ‘surprise’ from Samsung will be. Some suggested ideas include very awesome mobile gadgets that are sure to be a hit with all Android loving geeks worldwide.

Here’s the teaser video (which seems to be the commercial with the actual new device blurred out):

Could it be the next Google phone (perhaps Google Nexus Prime), which will carry Google’s latest Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich and feature a sweet (no pun intended!) AMOLED HD screen? It’s rumored to not be released until August, but who knows, maybe we’re in for an early treat.

Hopefully it’s not the next version of the Galaxy S. As an owner of the original and someone who’s been keeping track of the Galaxy S II, it was a great option when I bought it a year ago, but it has a long way to go to catch up to all of the features educated Android users are demanding.

A little less likely, due to Apple’s lawyers being hard-asses about patents, is the Galaxy Tab equipped with Android Honeycomb. I personally think Apple should lay off – they’re making a ton as it is for a subpar project – and wouldn’t be disappointed if Samsung came out with a solid new tablet.

My preference is for the Google Nexus Prime. It’s time to lay my Galaxy S to rest and grab something with the features I want and need as a gadget-loving geek.

What do you think it will be? Stay tuned for Samsung Mobile’s announcement on September 1st, 2011 in Berlin, Germany.

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