Find and Catch Fish With Aaron Ristau’s Fish Finder

Hardwork and perseverance have led to the realization of a dream. A dream that Colorado based artist Aaron Ristau had seen long back. Today he has successfully completed his version of the ‘Fish Finder’ and has presented it before the world.

The Fish Finder is one of the latest products from the Ristau studio. Though the stage was set way back in 2001, it was not until recently that he could complete it. On close examination one would realize that a variety of materials and products have been used to give shape to this device. There are various materials that were disposed off by their original owners which the artist decided to use in his creation. There is an old vacuum tube insulator, a lab bell jar, MRI vacuum tube cathode, a Rotary switch contact wheel, etc.  The case of the device was originally an airport remote control relay panel. You can also notice a bird skull in one of the parts. Other materials used include aluminum, carbon fiber, brass, and phenolic.

Coming from a family of artisans Aaron Ristau has art flowing in his genes. Every piece of art created by him speaks for itself and for him. It reflects his ideas and ideologies. The Fish Finder is a project that he decided to create around a decade ago. He had, then, barely stepped in to the land of professional art. But when the heart is determined the results are outstanding. Same is the case with this project. Since he had spent many a summers fishing in streams and ponds one question stayed with him ‘Which lure to use today?’ The thought remained in some corner of his ear for years. It is that very dream that has taken shape today.

A Fish Finder is basically a type of fathometer, combination of fathom and meter. The device uses active sonar to detect fish. The combining of CRTs with fathometers for fishing purposes led to the creation of the Fish Finder. It is mainly used for professional fishing purposes.

Ristau believes in reusing discarded material and redefining their use. As he says, with technological advancement products are discarded within a very short duration increasing the strain of man made waste. In these times he has tried his bit to bring back discarded materials to use. Being a sculptor he has made efforts to reuse waste material in his capacity.

Great minds can only think of something like this amazing Fish Finder. How about a Fish Tank Toilet and Fish Locating Wristwatch Gadget?