Listen to this Salami

It would be rather weird to say that you can enjoy listening to salami rather than eating it. But this is exactly what you will have to do with this very recent CD packaging created for “Saliami Postmodern”. American musician and actor Meat Loaf might have had meat in his name but the meaty CD has gone Shidlas’ way.

Mother Eleganza, a Lithuanian design outfit, has created this CD packaging design for the Lithuanian musician Shidlas. The musical package has reason beyond the music for people to desire for one of these ‘slices’. The packaging is not limited to designing the CD but also the outer covering. Unlike other CDs, this one does not come in an opaque cover but has a transparent plastic bag which gives a view of the whole product. Sitting on the music stands it is sure to compel people to take a look at it.

Packaging in these modern times matters a lot. It is an accepted fact that products which come in attractive packages grab more attention than the simple looking ones. Every adult has a child hidden within and when it comes to such eyeball catching packs the child too springs out. Many a times a purchase is made in this moment of impulse and this is what sellers bank on many a times. With the consumer’s attention sought half the battle is won.

Some of the very unusual designs that the market has seen can be said to be works of immense creativity. Take for example the cleaning detergent packed as a dumbbell, the Mexican tequila gun, the Nike shoebox designed like a stadium, the dumbbell shaped sports drink pack, the fruit skin-like juice carton and many more such designs.

The packaging of CDs did not have much to do with design. The cover has seen a few innovations like the floppy shaped cover or the ones that display a three dimensional image on the front. Besides that the CD itself had very little design but for the cover being replicated on it. The Salami packaging design can be said to be one of those very rare designs created for a CD. It is so rare and unique that the CD is not only being noticed for its music but also its design. In fact, there are people who might not have heard of Shidlas but due to his CD they have got familiar with his name.

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