FIXD, a gadget so you can fire your car mechanic

Car dashboards are so packed with signals & lights that we would be hard-pressed if we had to explain what each one of those mean. That’s what FIXD will do for us.


FIXD is a little gadget for your car meant to replace your friend who actually sorta knows about car stuff (because who needs friends anyways?). It’s a small device that once it’s plugged in your vehicle’s OBDII port, will let you know exactly how your car is doing, and what (if anything) is wrong with it. Sat goodbye to the stress of taking it to the mechanic without knowing what is gonna happen, for FIXD will give you control again.


FIXD works with a companion app for smartphones which painlessly connects via Bluetooth. The app will display the issues on the screen, and estimate how much it would cost to fix them. while also tracking when the next service is required. Users who enjoy the idea of such a device can head over to Kickstarter where users are currently crowd-funding it, expecting to see a release for later this year. The minimum pledge is $50 USD.

Via Technabob

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