Flare Zero Is a No-Compromise Studio Loudspeaker

Zero typically signifies nothingness, or a starting point, but in Flare Audio’s case, it is the name of the ultimate speaker for music studios and audiophiles.

When such renowned musicians as Led Zeppelin’s guitar player Jimmy Page say about your products that they are “absolutely magnificent,” it’s pretty clear that know a thing or two about what you are doing. Flare Audio, an award-winning British manufacturer of audio equipment ranging from IEM earphones to studio monitors, is no stranger to such praises, since most of its products are regarded as revolutionary.

“Zero will break all audio boundaries,” explained Davies Roberts, CEO of Flare and inventor of the system. “People who’ve heard it say that the sound appears in your mind and you forget that it’s coming from the speakers. Standing at roughly head height, it’s designed to be integrated into studio control rooms, eliminating any sound distortion between recording artists and their engineers.”

Indeed, people who attended the launch of the Flare Zero loudspeaker were at a loss for words, the most obvious case being Gary Langan, music producer and founding member of The Art of Noise, who stated: “I was blown away by Zero. Not only is it the most wonderful sounding system that I have heard but it looks stunning as well. A superb piece of thinking, design and engineering. Yet again Davies and his team never cease to amaze me.”

While some manufacturers of high-end loudspeakers still prefer wood for the cabinets, Flare Audio concluded that inch thick aluminum provides more clarity, and not just any aluminum, but the aerospace-grade type made by the company that makes parts for Rolls Royce. Does that sound high-end enough, yet?

Flare Zero speakers have a towering stature, as they measure 1.8 meters in height and weigh 113kg each. Add to that the 3500W of sound power, and you will soon realize that this is nothing short of a monster.

So what is the name supposed to mean, if this loudspeaker really has an unmatched design and performance? First of all, each of the four drivers has a perfectly circular design. More precisely, the central drivers represent a perfect symmetry of 3D printed double vortexes, which are said to be inspired by Fibonnaci’s golden spiral, as well as Leonardo’s works. Secondly, Flare Audio tried their best to reduce the distortion to a minimum, even when music is played at high volume. Enclosure resonance and movement is eliminated using Flare Audio’s patent-pending Vortex and Space technologies.

Given their output, concert-level sound pressure, and dimensions, Flare Zero speakers would fit perfectly on a stadium, or any other type of high-end venues. However, considering their design, they would be more adequate in an audiophile’s home, or even in a music studio. A pair of Flare Zero speakers costs as much of a top-of-the-range Ferrari, but more precise details can be obtained on application.

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