Mars Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Offers Great 360-Degree Sound

If intelligent design and great sound quality are two of the things you’re looking for in a Bluetooth speaker, then CrazyBaby’s Mars may be just your thing.

Founded in May 2013 by Allen Zhang and Linda Zhao, CrazyBaby made a purpose out of reinventing Bluetooth speakers. Of course, to come up with something new, this company had to create an innovative design, and to make sure that the functionality is redefined, as well. Obviously, sound quality had to be great, to qualify in a world where the number of Bluetooth speakers is ever growing.

Gadgets that levitate are anything but new, and by now, most people are aware that the trick is achieved using magnets. Should you want to use Mars in the great outdoors, you’ll be glad to know it fits in your pocket and it attaches to metallic things (such as your bike) using the very same magnet.

CrazyBaby must have thought that Mars will be used when trekking. Otherwise I don’t know why they would have made the Bluetooth speaker waterproof. Not that I’m complaining, this is a neat feature that should really be implemented by any and all gadget manufacturers out there.

Mars will do as fine in the office as it does in the outdoors. As a matter of fact, it has the potential of replacing many audio conference systems, and its ability of dispersing sound 360-degrees enables all participants to hear the other side perfectly clear.

The speaker is available in black and white. As far as its battery life is concerned, it should last around 8 hours, so charging it overnight would be a great idea. It makes a great trip companion, as well as a trustworthy business partner, so it doesn’t really matter how you’re willing to use it, as it performs great in all environments.

CrazyBaby is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, where backers have already pledged more than twice the $100K funding goal, even though at the time of writing there were still 28 more days to go. Backing the project with $169 will get you a Mars levitating Bluetooth speaker in April 2015, and you also have the option of paying $329 for a pair.

I don’t want to cast a shadow on this product, as I really think Mars is great, but in my opinion, audio and video equipment should be tested in person, as everyone perceives these very differently from the person standing next to them.

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