Flavorlopes: Flavorful Envelopes that You Can Lick

Not many people even remember what it was like to wait for that important letter from a distant town, hand delivered by the postman.

Nevertheless, the more ancient of us here do remember those quaint letters packed in envelopes that smelled of brown paper, postal glue and probably the postman’s palm sweat. If you remember that whiff with a sense of nostalgia, you might probably like the Flavorlopes, which are envelopes that can be licked and smelled to experience different flavors. These flavored envelopes come with coordinating envelopes and have been created by a family based in California.

The family plans to offer “Seasonal Lopes”, which would consist of flavors that are well, seasonal. These envelopes would come in flavors like ginger bread, egg nog and candy corn. It would be really nice to receive a handwritten letter that you can not only smell, but also lick before reading.

I only hope these are modern day envelopes that would be given to you by the one who writes the letter inside, instead of having to send them through mailman. I wouldn’t want to lick an envelope that’s been licked by the mailman, no matter how flavorful the envelope is. You could also go ahead and take a look at the Geeky Envelope Design and Map Envelope which we had featured sometime ago.