Fleet Tracking Systems: Catch Lazy Employees and Save Money

Fleet tracking systems are famous in the delivery and maintenance industry … they’re known to consistently save the business considerable amounts of  money, thereby increasing profit margins.  How do they accomplish this task?  GPS fleet trackers will allow you to monitor your employees in real time and will basically show whether or not your employees are taking you for a ride.  Also, even if you have honest employees, they will be motivated to work even harder and stay on task once they find out that their boss is checking their productivity.  Yes, fleet tracking systems are legal and ethical.  Anyone who says that they are not is just a lazy bum who doesn’t want their boss to find out their going over to Moe’s while they’re supposed to be delivering a sales pitch.

These are the best GPS fleet tracking systems for businesses looking to increase employee productivity levels and cut down on extraneous spending.  Which is ironic, because some of these GPS fleet trackers are relatively expensive.  Don’t worry about breaking even – I guarantee you you’ll find at least a couple of guys who are losing you a couple hundred dollars a month.  Tell you what, I’ll try to intersperse some stories of lazy employees being caught wasting company time and money.  Just to make things more interesting.

FleetMatics GPS Fleet Tracking

fleet tracking fleetmatics gps

fleet tracking gps fleetmatics

FleetMatics is a popular fleet tracking system with features that can help you quickly and efficiently reduce your business costs.  This GPS system gives you complete data on how long vans were idling, how long trucks were off, and how long vehicles were traveling.  It also tells you how far each vehicle has traveled in a set time period, making it easy for you to tell which workers were not where they were supposed to be.  FleetMatics also supports real-time tracking, so that you can see where your employees are at real time.  There was one employee caught partying in Mexico while he was supposed to be making a delivery.  Whoops.

FleetMatics also lets you monitor high speeds of your vehicles, which serves two purposes.  One, you can save on gas by making sure that your workers do not drive at excessive speeds.  Two, you can make your employees more useful by keeping them alive.  Dead employees work less then lazy employees – keep that in mind.  Additionally, FleetMatics offers a mobile app which gives the employee total control of the software on the go.  Furthermore, FleetMatics supports re-routing, so that your workers get to their destinations faster and by using less gas.

FLEETBOSS Fleet Tracking System

fleetboss tracking system

fleet tracking fleetboss

FLEETBOSS has many of the same features as FleetMatics, such as speed postings, but also has additional features.  Like FleetMatics, the FLEETBOSS fleet tracking system gives you the distance each of your vehicles has traveled and how many stops they’ve made in that distance.  this can make it easy for you, as an employer, to find any mischievous or lazy activity.  Also, FLEETBOSS eliminates the problem of time sheet fraud by keeping the real data taken from the car electronically.  It also saves the honest worker a good amount of time.  Time is money, and saving time means that you’re saving money.

Discrete Wireless Fleet Tracking System

discrete fleet tracking system

fleet tracking gps

Discrete Wireless is an excellent fleet tracking system for larger businesses.  All of their services are a variation on the acronym MARCUS, which stands for multiple access resource computer for user services.  This fleet tracking software has awesome capabilities that other systems lack, such as the ability to send and receive messages via the Garmin GPS device which can be installed in each of your vehicles.  Discrete Wireless also has ETA, estimated times of arrival, and gives you the power to see the statuses of current jobs and even reroute workers to different assignments based on proximity.

FieldLogix GPS Fleet Tracking Software

fieldlogix fleet management

FieldLogix, like many other fleet tracking systems, displays real time locations of all of your vehicles so that you can easily keep track of your employees.  Like Discrete Wireless, this fleet tracking software also incorporates Garmin into its design, using its map database for turn by turn navigation.  (The faster your workers get to their job, the faster they can move on to the next assignment.)  Also, if you own a small business with very few fleet members, you can sign up for FieldLogix’s lite package, which is a major downscale of their normal product good for relatively small companies.

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