Rest Your Feet on a Floppy Disc Coffee Table

A new floppy disc inspired coffee table brings geeks everywhere back to a time where CD-ROMs did not exist and the internet was nothing more than a dream.

Do you remember when you were younger and there was no such thing as a CD? Most of you probably don’t, but I do. I had millions of floppy discs in my backpack as it was the number one way of saving your documents to disc. Yes, no USB keys back then my friends, just these simple, super flimsy, easily breakable floppy discs. I used to buy hard plastic cases for mine because any one thing, just a little bit of water, a bend in the metal part, and everything was lost, never to be seen again. But then evolution happened, someone out there (someone really smart), got rid of these super pains in the buttocks and we moved on to the CD (which was still flimsy and easily breakable, but they looked a lot more awesome).

If you are missing the days of floppy discs and want to show your devotion, why not a coffee table that looks like a floppy disc?! It is the ultimate in geek-inspired furnishings.

Neuland van Exel, a Berlin, Germany based design duo created this floppy disc table for nostalgic purposes. It has the well-known metal shutter that actually moves like the real thing, providing a secret compartment. (That is probably where I’d put the remotes, just so I wouldn’t lose them…like I always do.) Made out of stainless steel and hot-rolled steel, it is definitely a throwback to the days of big computers and noisy CPUs.

The table is measured at 27.5” × 25.5” × 17.7” and can be specially ordered through the designer’s website.

(Via: Gizmodiva)

While you are at it with your Floppy Disc Coffee Table, may I suggest some Floppy Disc Coasters to go along with it? And for those feeling especially nostalgic, why not some Floppy Disc CD Holders?