3D Paper Figurines Designed In and Printed from an iPad App

In case you are bored of the readily available 3D figurines, you can always create your own. Foldify is an iPad app that will help you do just that.

The Foldify iPad app, which is developed by a Polish start-up called Pixle, will be “coming to an App Store near you, very soon”, to quote the company. There are plenty of apps for all platforms out there that challenge people’s creativity. However, the ones that are characterized by originality, as Foldify is, have greater chances of becoming really popular.

Foldify does more than just allowing you to draw the figurines on an iPad. When you are done designing the figurine, you can print your creation and proceed to cutting and folding the paper. At the end of this process, you will be holding in your hands the very product of your mind. When printing out the figurine, you can choose the size of it, between small, medium and large. As an alternative, you can e-mail your friends a PDF file containing your 3D figurine, in case you don’t own a printer or simply because you want to make them a surprise.

If you lack inspiration, from various reasons, you can browse Foldify’s gallery of 3D figurines created by others, rate each creation and print the ones you like the most using AirPrint. As Foldify comes with plenty of various elements, regardless if you are designing a car, a person or a house, the chances of finding two or more identical 3D figurines are rather slim.

Running out of ideas is equally difficult, as the app includes sufficient elements that can be added to the 3D figurine. To increase even further the diversity, Pixle allows users to paint their creations in a wide variety of colors. Hence, you are constrained to use only certain elements that come only in certain colors.

One of the major strong points of Foldify is the ability to rotate the figurine in a 360-degree view while designing it. This way, you won’t miss a spot and your 3D figurine will look perfect all round.

Foldify from Pixle on Vimeo.

The ones who are interested in trying or buying the app (in case it won’t be free), should subscribe to Pixle’s newsletter. By doing so, they will be the first to know when the company launches Foldify. It should also be noted that the app will work on all iPads, except the first one, which doesn’t come with enough memory.

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