14k Solid Gold LEGO Brick on Sale for $14,500

This LEGO brick is worth more than its weight in gold, despite being made from the very same metal. What makes this brick so expensive is the historical value and the rarity of it.

The world’s most expensive LEGO brick comes in the shape of a typical 2×4 block, so if anyone wants to spend that much to buy, he or she could as well use it along plastic LEGO bricks. Despite looking like a massive gold bar, the brick’s shape does not differ in any way from its plastic counterparts. In other words, this means that it is empty on the inside, as seen in one of the following photos.

The ones who served the LEGO company at the Hohenwestedt, Germany factory for 25 years received such bricks, but given the rarity of the solid gold blocks, I would guess that there aren’t many people who worked there for such a long time. In addition, there were also a couple of business partners of LEGO who were given such precious gifts. Not at last, word goes that LEGO has given away one or two of the solid gold bricks per year between 1979 and 1981.

Now let’s get back to the “more expensive than its weight in gold” part. The brick weighs 25.65g of 14K gold, or 0.8246 troy oz. The price of a troy ounce of gold today was $1,725, so the brick costs more than 10 times its weight.

As also seen in the first picture, the solid gold LEGO brick comes in a plastic black box that looks very inconspicuous when closed. There is no clue that inside of it lies the world’s most expensive LEGO brick. When opened, though, the brick is revealed, along with the famous logo of the company, which adorns the cover of the display box.

I don’t think LEGO ever thought that its solid gold bricks, as few as they were, would ever become so expensive. This might also explain why the company offered these precious gifts in plastic display boxes, instead of ones made from rare or exotic lumber, for example. The one in which this solid gold LEGO brick was stored is a bit worn out, but the one who will buy it (if anyone is crazy enough to spend such an amount on something like this), will surely be more interested in the content of the box, rather than in the container.

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