Flux Capacitor USB car charger turns your ride into a time machine

While your car might not be capable of time travel, you can sure make it seem a prop of 1985, the year Back to the Future was released. All you need is your credit card, and knowing where to look.


What started out as a joke by the ThinkGeek team has now become a reality as Flux Capacitor USB Car Chargers are set to arrive later this month for $25. The unit displays two USB ports with 2.1-amps potency to recharge your gadgets and gear as you drive. Time traveling might come further down the line, but keeping your gadgets at full battery is equally important, wouldn’t you say?

The Flux Capacitor just needs to be plugged into what used to be a lighter in the time everyone smoked (what the kids call a power port nowadays), and just like that, will provide enough power to recharge up to two tablets simultaneously. Not bad at all.


Via Geekologie

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