Great Scot! Restoration of the Delorean Time Machine Is Now Complete

It looks like Back to the Future fans can travel back in time and relive movie memories with the coolest time machine ever built.

Delorean 1

This one will definitely make Doc Brown proud, and he couldn’t have done a better job. Started in February 2012, the Time Machine Restoration (TMR) project was launched, headed by Bob Gale, co-creator of the Back to the Future trilogy. As of February 2013, the original Delorean used in the movie is now on display at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The restoration, according to Gale, Tony Walser, Terry Matalas, and the rest of the crew, was truly a labor of love, and it was a way to honor the success of the movie that made history, and the future as well. Originally, this Delorean was on display outside the Back to the Future ride at the theme park. But after years of exposure to the elements, the Delorean did need a revamp, and now it has been fully restored in epic detail, from the inside out.

Delorean 3

Delorean 2

Much credit was also given to die-hard Back to the Future fanatics and automotive enthusiasts as well. The TMR Facebook page actually had thousands of likes, and it was through this page that the TMR team was able to contact people who can help look for original Delorean parts, like the tires, hubcaps, et cetera.

This seemingly brand new Delorean time machine was one of the three models used in the filming of the movie, the first installment of which released back in 1985. This Delorean DMC-12 was labeled by the producers as Hero A, and was mainly used for exterior and interior shots with the actors.

According to sources, throughout the three movies of Back to the Future, a total of seven Deloreans were built, some were used only for interior shots of the consoles and machinery, and one was a fiberglass model for hovering or flying shots.

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