7 Incredible Lord of the Rings Tarot Cards

While the ways to depict Lord of the Rings characters via Alternative Art might be running out, there’s still some originality left in the process, as depicted by Sceith and her Tarot Cards series.

Taking the better known Tarot symbolism, she planted a LOTR character (or more than just one) as a representative, more or less, for the common interpretation for that card.

A Ring Wraith (A Nazgul) as Death

Nazgul Death

According to Eden Gray and other authors on the subject, it is unlikely that this card actually represents a physical death. Typically it implies an end, possibly of a relationship or interest, and therefore implies an increased sense of self-awareness.

Smeagul – Gollum as the Wheel of Fortune

Smeagol - Gollum

A common aspect to most interpretations of this card within a reading is to introduce an element of change in the querant’s life, such change being in station, position or fortune: such as the rich becoming poor, or the poor becoming rich.

Makes you start thinking of Gollum as one of those nude Greek statues.

Aragorn, Eowyn and Faramir as The Lovers

Lovers Tarot Card

In some traditions, the Lovers represent relationships and choices. Its appearance in a spread indicates some decision about an existing relationship, a temptation of the heart, or a choice of potential partners.

Gandalf (the White) as a Hierophant

Gandalf the White Tarot Card

The card stands for religion and orthodox theology. It also represents traditional education or a “Man of high social standing”. These interpretations merely scratch the surface of the card. The Pope card also represents the Biblical story of God’s creation of man and woman. He is also strongly associated with the Deceiver and with Power over others.

Frodo & Galadriel in the High Priestess

The High Priestess Card

The card is associated with mystery, when powerful feminine influences and support currently in force for the querant. It can also represent the perfect woman in a man’s life, and to a woman it can represent being independently solo perhaps without a man.

 Pippin and Merry representing Fools

The Fool Card

The Fool is usually interpreted as the protagonist of a story, and the Major Arcana is the path the Fool takes through the great mysteries of life and the main human archetypes. This path is known traditionally in Tarot as the Fool’s Journey, and is frequently used to introduce the meaning of Major Arcana cards to beginners.

Aragorn the Emperor

Aragorn the Emperor

The Emperor symbolizes the desire to rule over one’s surroundings, and its appearance in a reading often suggests that the subject needs to accept that some things may not be controllable, and others may not benefit from being controlled.

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