Traveler’s Guitar Folds Up To Fit In Backpack

Designers Shlomi Daniel and Uri Nir have created a Traveler’s Guitar that folds up compactly for easy carrying and travel.

Musicians often travel with their instruments, which is quite easy to do for those who have pursued the flute or another musical craft of the smaller variety. Guitarists, however, have a larger and more unwieldy tool to lug around.

For this reason, as well as a because of a love of “outdoors and music,” a dynamic duo of musicians-turned-inventors have put their heads together to create the Traveler’s Guitar.

The Traveler’s Guitar appears to be an ordinary six-string guitar upon first sight, as pictured below.

The difference is that while not in use, the Traveler’s Guitar folds up into a compact size for convenient carry and travel.

The guitar can fold up easily and compactly, fitting neatly inside a backpack, evidently without sacrificing quality.

According to Tuvie, the Traveler’s Guitar produces the same level of sound quality as a normal guitar, and unlike other purported travel guitars, can supposedly produce the same volume as well. It uses a tension-release mechanism during the folding process, and because of this, requires only a quick fine tuning after unfolding it, rather than need to completely take it apart and subsequently re-string it.

The Traveler’s Guitar’s designers, Shlomi Daniel and Uri Nir, say that they designed and crafted the instrument not only for ease and convenience, but also so that it could withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions.

Daniel and Nir used hardwood, plywood, metal and carbon fiber to create the Traveler’s Guitar, which as of now does not appear to be for sale anywhere. However, if the claims of volume and sound quality are true, there could be quite a market for this instrument were the two designers to try to mass produce it.