Epic 90’s Megamix on Melodica

There is something magical about the 90s, and being a 90s child myself, I can quite understand why loads of people feel so strongly about this underrated decade.

The 1990s were some of the most creative years when it came to music. The shift from hard rock to alternative rock took place during the early 90s and grunge was the next big thing, with bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Sound Garden. While there was a lot of action in the grunge and alternative music scene, mainstream pop music wasn’t all that bad either. In fact, pop musicians from the 90s were really cool and some of the most cherished numbers are from these years.

BennyTheJukebox seems to be in love with the 90s and has performed an epic 90’s megamix on his melodica with just a techno beat. If you didn’t know what a melodica is, it’s a wind instrument that is blown like a horn but has keyboards with a flute on the end. BennyTheJukebox plays almost every cool 90’s pop hit and takes us on a melodica-driven journey through the 90s. Scatman, Barbie by Aqua, Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer, Moving On Up by M People What Is Love by Headway and other songs are expertly performed on the melodica.

What is funny is the way he twists his cheeks and lips when he blows the instrument. It looks not only funny but entertaining in a comical way. Perhaps this should inspire all the budding musicians out there to grab a melodica, guitar, harmonica or just about any musical instrument and start making music. You could also take a look at the Code Organ, which translates websites that you visit into music. If you were looking for information about converting your 90s analog music into digital formats, take a look at the iRecord Music.