Folding Origami Boat

If you think of origama, images of folding pieces of paper into cranes come to mind. But a couple of guys have decided to take his ambitions further by building a folding boat.

Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies, Masters students of production design at London’s Royal College of Art have created the Foldboat, a one-person rowboat that folds out from a single piece of plastic.



The boat costs £800, or $1,200 U.S., and can be folded up to 6,000 times. It goes from plastic sheet to rowboat in a couple of minutes. If you’d rather not sit on hard plastic while you’re rowing around on a placid pond, it also comes with two inflatable pillows. You can buy one off of their website.

“You just fold it, clip it together then push it out into the water,” Mathies told the Daily Mail.

They think the market will be for people who want to rent them out and keep them stacked flat while they’re not being used.
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