WTF Of The Day: Floating Bed With Magnets

Don’t you even think about using this bed if you’re covered in piercings. With the magnets and all, you’re gonna have a terrible time.

Meet the incredible (but expensive) floating bed. No, you read that right. Those of you who have $1,000 USD in their pockets, and some tools can build one of these! This version is apparently only strong enough to hold one person, but we guess that just adding more magnets would fix that.

The floating bed was created by Reddit user ‘mememetatata‘, and it uses a set of extremely powerful magnets in the base underneath to keep it afloat. According to hi, the hardest bit of the construction process was separating two of magnetic discs that got stuck together during shipping.

The bed uses a thick steel cable to keep the floating part from drifting around too far, but other than that, it just hovers around. It can lift around 250 pounds, so don’t get on there with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Or get more magnets. There can never be enough magnets.

Via: Gizmodo

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