DIY (Do It Yourself) DIY iPad Stylus Costs Next to Nothing

DIY iPad Stylus Costs Next to Nothing

What started out as a classroom project to teach children about conductivity and DIY techniques has become a viral technique to create a free iPad stylus.

Of course they are available for as little as $5, but sometimes it is fun to create stuff that cost nothing, and being cheap has its own thrills. The project was kick started at the Anastasis Academy, where a team from iLearn Technology worked with the students to show them how to create free iPad styluses.

They sure did that, and the moment they announced that they were able to create a capacitative iPad stylus using just Scotch Brite sponge, cheap pens and a small roll of wire the news and video went viral and it was noticed by CNET as well, who uploaded a really interesting video that teaches you how to make it yourself. You would just need to take the ink out of the pen, stuff it with sponge after drilling a hole, and then stick the wire in and tie it around the pen. After this, all that you would need to do is, make sure that your fingers are in contact with the wire while you ‘write’ on the iPad. It could be one of the cheapest methods to create a stylus, and very useful as well.

Of course, it doesn’t look great or stylish, but when it is free and as long as it does the job it is required to do, who would really care? You could also take a look at the E-note, which is an eco-friendly way to write. The E-ink Tablets make sure that you do not waste precious paper leading to environmental degradation. The Snaplet is a cool E-ink bracelet that is good for geeky ladies. Meanwhile, you could go ahead and create your own iPad stylus for almost free!


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