Geeky 8-Bit Model Kits for Samus, Mario, and Link

Ty Lettau has created 8-Bit model kits for Samus, Mario, and Link to satisfy that unmet desire deep inside of you to dress up your favorite Nintendo characters in snazzy clothes and fashionable powerups.  These three model kits are retro, super pixelly, and a dream-not-come-true for any geek, since they’re just images and not pop-out pieces of plastic.  So, unfortunately, you can only imagine yourself dressing up your favorite Nintendo characters.  I’m feeling more sadness than that Stormtrooper did when he figured out that those were the droids he was looking for.  You’ll get ’em next time, Trooper, you’ll get ’em next time.  *Pats downtrodden trooper on the back.*

8-bit model kit mario samus link

Ty is hoping to create a set with Final Fantasy and MegaMan characters, so hopefully we get to see those soon.  Many of the objects in the above two retro 8-bit model kits I recognize, but many I do not, so they must just be manifestations of Ty’s crazy-awesome imagination.  Speaking of imagination, the Link pop-out board gave me a great idea for the next Legend of Zelda game:  Legend of Zelda: The Quest For The Quadraforce.  Wouldn’t it make so much more sense if the Triforce could be turned into a solid triangle instead of just three triangles with a huge piece missing in the middle?

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