E-note: Writing the Eco-Friendly Way

Save trees to save the world. This is a thought that has been around since decades and every kind of effort is being made to limit the cutting of trees. Paper, as we all know, is also produced from wood and for this purpose trees are cut. In order to save trees various options are explored to minimize the use of paper thereby reducing the need to cut trees. The electronic age has proved to be a help in this direction. With most of the communication and documentation now being done in soft copy mode, the use of paper has reduced to a great extent. The introduction of the e-note LCD writing tablet is also a step in that direction.

Doodling is something that we all indulge in time and again. Even a child who has a paper and a pen in front of him will not stop from making use of them. Later this paper finds its way in the waste paper basket. Such a waste of paper. With the coming of the e-note LCD writing tablet from Brando this will not be the case anymore. You can indulge in endless doodling and yet save paper, in fact close to 50,000 sheets of paper, thanks to this writing tablet. The stylus acts as your pen and the tablet as the paper. Use the two to draw your imaginations and when you feel you are done and want to move on to something else just press the erase button. At the click of a button the entire board will be clean for a fresh round of drawing.

Why only drawing, you can also play pen and paper games which again lead to so much of paper wastage. With the e-note tablet games can be played with ultimate ease and comfort.

This e-note tablet bears a close resemblance to the traditional black slate that we all grew up using. It is has been created by combining traditional and modern needs with the stylus replacing the chalk. This product also proves to be a healthier option compared to the slate as chalk dust often caused respiratory tract problems for users, especially children.

One of the best features of the tablet is the fact that it has a battery that can work for an extended period of five long years. This means tension free usage for a long-long time which in turn means complete worth for every penny spent.

The feature that one might miss over here is its inability to store data but it was never meant to be a storage device hence no hard feelings in this regard. It is retailed at $52.

Well, I am impressed with the e-note! What about you? If yes, make sure you check out Digital Textbooks and Rugged Itronix GD 3015 Tablet.