Freedom! Apple releases tool to delete that pesky U2 album

Apple has released a tool that allows users to get rid of that U2 album they never asked for, in a move that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

U2 iPhone

You can stand on any side of the iOS vs Android war, and that’s great. But the one thing Android did for you, they never forced you to listen to U2. Or anyone, for that matter. Apple learned the hard way to not force music down people’s throats as the Internet erupted in rage when U2’s latest album, Songs of Innocence, appeared in their phones, iTunes lists and devices without ever asking the users.

Well, now Apple has set up a support website to help people get rid of the album and ensure it’s never downloaded again. Deleting this album means that it won’t show up in the “purchases” tab, so if a user ever wants to download it again, they’ll have to go through the buying process from the top. Songs of Innocence is free, and will remain so until October 13th, after which it the exclusivity deal ends and users will have to buy it regularly.

It really says something about the Internet’s hatred of U2 as users talk about this record as if it was a virus or spyware program. There are people out there who literally, when given the choice of having a record for free or not, would rather delete it and never hear from it again! People would pay to not have to listen to U2, and that is just crazy. Imagine if Apple had gifted its users with a Nickelback album instead.

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