Autonomo 2030: Autonomous Mobility Future Concept Car

Meet the Autonomo: a concept vehicle for the year 2030 that looks remarkably like those sliding cars from the movie Minority Report.

autonomo 2030 vehicle concept future car

According to our source the Autonomo is a futuristic concept car designed to fix the traffic problems that large cities are facing and will continue to face as the world’s population expands. Currently, cities like Los Angeles and New York are notorious for having too many cars on the roads, too many bad drivers, and too much congestion in general. The Autonomo’s designers seek to put an end to that.

The concept has the Autonomo equipped with a “drive-by-wire” control system that removes conventional steering and throttle controls, and replaces them with a computer that handles most of the on-road decisions for the passengers. The passengers can still drive the car to some extent through the use of an on-board computer system, though their agency will be mostly limited to monitoring traffic conditions and changing destinations and routes.

autonomo future 2030 minority report car

The way these vehicles are designed to move and interact with other vehicles is actually quite interesting. Check out this video to see what a fleet of these vehicles might look like on the road. It actually looks kind of like synchronized swimming or dancing since each Autonomo would be designed to react to the presence of other Autonomos on the road, and fall into formation to more efficiently use their space.

Inside the Autonomo, the designers envisioned having the passengers encased inside a shell that uses advanced sensor technology to render the outside environment in 3D on the inside surface of the glass. I suppose in that case it would be possible to switch up whatever the display surface is showing, like maybe a full 3D movie or some peaceful scenery set to some classical music. Talk about turning those Monday morning drives down to the office into zen moments.

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