Pwn Noob Drinkers with This AT-AT Liquor Cabinet

In order to prove that you are a real Star Wars fan, you might have to do more than just dressing like a Sith Lord or a Jedi. Owning an AT-AT liquor cabinet is only one of the necessary steps.

The above liquor cabinet is a faithful replica of an AT-AT Imperial Walker and it certainly would not be a mistake to say that every Star Wars fan should have one of these. By the looks of it, this sci-fi liquor cabinet was part of an exhibition, judging by the number of people that are around it. The design, while simple, certainly took a considerable amount of time to put together. The materials that were used for making this are not many, but simplicity is often more appreciated. Most of the liquor cabinet is made of wood, with only the joints and a few accents made from brass. In what concerns the physical dimensions, the cabinet is about shoulder-high, measuring between 4 and 5 feet.

However, if you really want to pwn the noob drinkers, you may want to stay sober and keep the AT-AT liquor cabinet only for decorative purposes. There is still room for improvement, if whoever created this project wants to go further. For example, LEDs for the eyes could be added, along with a locomotor system that would actually allow the AT-AT to bring you your favorite poison. The safety of the bottles stored inside the cabinet would be at stake in this case, though.

People who are more concerned about ergonomics and functionality may not really like this liquor cabinet, as the space reserved for drinks is only a fraction of the total space occupied by the entire structure. We, on the other hand, would love to see even more pieces of furniture turned into Star Wars characters and why not, even characters from other sci-fi movies and series. Since the designer of the AT-AT liquor cabinet is yet unknown, I’m looking forward to learning who is going to take credit for its construction. Such works of art should not pass anonymously.

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