10 Futuristic Gas Stations

At the mere mention of futuristic gas stations, the mind instantly conjures up images of intimidating statuesque structures with strong chromaticism and an extremely defined minimalistic sensibility. The gas stations listed below adhere to futuristic architectural principles by obliterating design cliches and seek  to leave a minimal footprint.

The Helios House

The Helios House by Kanner architects stands tall on a bustling LA street and grab eyeballs with its stunning stainless steel structure. It features ninety solar panels and is also being submitted for the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

The E-Move Charging Station

Conceptualized by Michael Scherer, this eco-friendly structure has been designed for electric scooters, power bicycles, and cars, as it generates solar energy from the in-built eight mono crystalline photovoltaic panels.

Hydrogen Fueling Station

Looking something straight out of a Spielberg flick; the hydrogen refueling station by Paul Vela Design gives an enthralling glimpse of the future.

Norman Foster’s Repsol Gas Stations 

Located in Madrid, this stunning sustainable fuel station has been built from recycled materials and is also one of the world’s first service stations with 100% LED lighting. The interior walls have been built from more than 7,000 recycled newspapers and sheep’s wool was used for insulation.

Biooctanic Gas Stations

Architectural firm UPI 2M has also jumped onto the Green bandwagon by envisioning petrol stations with bio fuel production units. The cactus-shaped bio fuel units with its sci-fi-esque appeal and cutting-edge technology really pushes the envelope. Too bad, it is just a concept.

The e.capsule Concept

This futuristic concept is the brainchild of Alex Dumler and imagines a future where gas is redundant and has been replaced by alternative energies like the sun and the wind.

E-Transportation Center

Dave Pinter’s E-Transportation Center envisions a future that believes in car sharing, as well as electric vehicle recharging.

Antares Solar Tree Fuel Stations

Sustainability is the key when it comes to futuristic gas stations and Italian design company Pininfarinia has done a brilliant job with their Antares Solar Tree Fuel unit. The 108 sqft tree-like structure is made up of 20 solar panels and seeks to make the traditional gasoline station redundant.

Audi Gas Station Concept

The German car giants re-imagine the 1950s American ‘gas station’ with panache. Design highlights include; the mirror-walled exterior of the ‘e-den’, the classic fuel pump enclosed in glass, sustainable furniture, and the cool recharging units.

 EDISON Station by Siemens

Since renewable energy is the future, the hardworking folks at Siemens are currently working on a project that seeks to raise the charging power  of an electric unit to a staggering 300 kW, which means cars can be charged in fewer than six minutes.