Futuristic SeaOrbiter Looks to Set Sail in 2013

Science fiction is now becoming reality with the creation of a futuristic vertical ship that will enable scientists and researchers to examine cross sections of oceanis life.

Who doesn’t love a good science fiction story regarding sailing the seven seas in a futuristic boat? But what if science fiction became reality and there really was a futuristic boat ready to set sail? Jacques Rougerie, a French architect recently created a new concept for a ship – the SeaOrbiter. And this concept is becoming a reality as construction should begin in October of this year, enabling the ship to set said sometime in 2013!

While most ships are horizontal in nature, the SeaOrbiter will be the first vertical ship ever built. It will measure 170 feet (51 meters) in height and over 50 percent will be under the water. The approximate cost for this endeavor will be more than $52 million. The goal of the ship will be to explore and observe oceanic life and enable researchers to track marine life in real time and then monitor as well.

According to Rougerie, “This vertical vessel drifts in the currents hosting 18 oceanauts who will observe the life of the oceans on a permanent basis.”

While most will be left under the water, there will be an open-air observation terrace above deck so researchers can also document the pattern of bird migration. Plus, after being stuck in a boat for so long, getting some fresh air every now and then is always a good thing!

The ship will have oceanographic observational equipment and sonic equipment installed and will be connected to a number of satellite facilities. It is also said that the SeaOrbiter will take advantage of a number of renewable energy options, including solar, wave, and wind power. How would you like to live in this boat?

(Via: Gizmag)

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