Intriguing New House Boat Design

More like a floating home rather than a yacht, this Rieul-Useful boat boasts opulent housing that can be parked at any marina.

Real estate agents everywhere are currently living in fear as the popularity of house boats continues to grow. It is very easy to see why many people shirk their landlubber lifestyle and instead look to take up residence in the water. It is serene, the rocking sensation can be quite soothing, and it is a great opportunity to push past the hustle and bustle of urban living for something a bit more relaxing and peaceful. Many also enjoy it because of the opportunity it gives them to change up the scenery at the snap of the fingers. Luxury houseboats are becoming more and more popular and one designer is looking to take advantage of that with a new, interesting house boat design.

Designed by Hyun – Seok Kim, the Rieul-Useful two story house boat offers luxurious accommodations. The top floor houses two bedrooms, each with their own private full bathroom, a large entertainment lounge (with a fireplace!), and a completely stocked kitchen. But if you like what is above, you will definitely enjoy what is beneath. On the bottom level of this S-shaped design is a private dock allowing owners to park their single hull yacht.





And if you think it looks small from the outside, check out the inside!


Here is the a drawing of what the house boat looks like.


Who wouldn’t enjoy sailing the seven seas, or at least hopping from island to island, on this!

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