G-Dog Robotics

While the old saying states that it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, that may only be for biological dogs.  While it may be true, it may not be for a robotic dog.  Introducing the G-Dog from HPI Japan and Futaba.

These electrically motorized canines come with a few standard tricks: walking, sitting, rollover, and lifting it’s leg to pee.  The cool part is that even though it comes with these standard features, you can plug him in to teach him even more new tricks.  These canines typically can be assembled in under two hours but this does not mean that they are made out of simple mechanics.  They have nine motors that have individual processors allowing for a wide range of motion.

The coolest trick in the book is the ability to stand on their heads.  The dogs move and react just like regular dogs do all from the hand-held remote control.  While you might see other robotic dogs that can do more, look better, and are all around more advanced, G-Dog will still have a one up on them.  You see, what G-Dog has that those don’t is that this is not a research project, it’s not a prototype, it’s available.  Available for around 800 bucks, the G-Dog is an advanced example of how far technology in robotics has gone.

Charging the pup will take around three hours.  However, those three hours will turn into 45 minutes of constant fun before your dog will need to rest.  This allows you to show off every move in the book to impress your friends.  If you get bored with the handful of tricks then this is not your old dog, and it’s not hard to teach it new tricks.

For more interesting robotics you ought to see the Isopod and the Hexapod, both advanced developments.

Via: Singularity Hub