Hexapod Robot with Servo Legs

Kondo Robot, one of the many Japanese robot designers and manufacturers, recently presented a hexapod robot that can be customized with various leg assemblies and parts.

Not only robot enthusiasts will benefit from the launch of this robot, but also educators and researchers. While the name of the robot, respectively KMR-M6, may sound cryptic, it is presumed that it means Kondo Multi-legged Robot M6 legs.

As seen in the above picture, the joints of the hexapod robot are based on double servos, which increase dramatically the flexibility. This particular type of joint allows the manufacturer to improve the performance/price ratio. A Kondo RCB-4HV embedded computer is encased in the stylish body of the robot, along with a ROBO Power Cell 10.8V 800mAh Ni-MH battery.

Here is a close-up shot of the spring-loaded mechanism. As two servos are used per leg, that makes a total of 12 Kondo KRS-2552HV ICS Red Version servos used for the manufacture of a single KMR-M6 robot.

The hexapod robot measures 14 cm when compressed.

With the legs extended to the maximum, the height of the robot exceeds 21 cm by just a bit.

The holes seen in the above picture allow the customization of the robot with additional heads, tails and even more legs. These may incorporate sensors, cameras and even grippers. Overall, the robot has a very sturdy structure based on aluminum, and due to its very flexible legs, it can move on uneven terrain without rolling over.

The above video exemplifies the movement patterns of the hexapod robot and provides additional details about the capabilities of the robot. According to the manufacturer, KMR-M6 will be available from May and will have a price tag of around $880. As mentioned before, various leg assemblies and other parts will be available, but at an additional cost.

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Via: Robots Dreams