7 Weird Gadgets For Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are hard, especially when it comes to finding a way to replicate the physical aspect of your loved one. You can either cheat, or actually go for some of these interesting yet quite weird looking and behaving “love gadgets.”

Hug Shirt

Still not in mass production despite being presented to the public a long time ago (6-7 years). Works via messaging on the phone – when your partner sends you a virtual hug on the cell phone, the shirt replicates that with pressure, warmth, and a heartbeat.


The less dirty version of the LovePalz (you’ll come across it soon), which is pretty much a kiss long distance transmitter. “A physical interface enabling kiss communication” according to the company that created these robopigs, with one kissing the device and your lip movements being transmitted to your partner in a galaxy far far away.


This one is still in development mode, with none actually made thus far. The creator described it as “Wi-Fi-connected love machine that lets both the top and the bottom stimulate some sexy time.” In short? A vibrator for the woman, a a silicone tube that accommodates a penis for the man, connected via their smartphones. When both of them use the devices simultaneously, the other one vibrates accordingly. It’s available for $94.95.


A his & hers long distance “love machine” with a gamer twist. In order for these to work, you need to hook ’em up to a Nintendo Wii controller, download the software, Skype with your partner and via Skype the device will transfer your motions to you partner.

Pillow Talk

This gadget is made from a ring worn around one’s finger and a panel that goes inside the pillow. When you go to bed and slip on the ring, it transmits it to your partner’s pillow, simulating their presence with a glowing light inside the pillow and also, if you press your head real hard, the heart beat of your loved one far away.

Taion Heart

In short? Long distance hand holding. Each partner gets this electronic heart, which transmits the squeeze to the other’s heart, by simulating the heart rate and pressure via mobile phone and the Taion, also manifested in change of colors and cool glowing inside the gadget.


Another long distance vibrator, but this one comes with a phone app. It’s a vibrator that can be controlled remotely, with an app that enables chatting during the “massage” and offers different ambient sounds to fit the mood. The app is already out, the vibrator is on its way.