The Galaxy S7 Might Be Water Proof And Use SD Cards

We are getting closer to the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S7, and it seems it will keep the best features of previous entries in the series, but many new ones. Find out all about them in this story!


Samsung keep innovating and surprising its userbase with improvements and new features in their mobile devices, but it seems the new Samsung Galaxy S7 attempts to return to the basics and return some classic features too. The new Galaxy S7 models by Samsung will feature in both its standard and curved version a slot for Micro SD, just like they did in the long gone past. Besides, they will be waterproof and have some kind of dust protection thanks to the IP67 system. Do all of this features sound familiar? Because these were all beloved features in the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Battery power will also be greatly enhanced, and the Galaxy S7 will sport a 3000 mAh battery in comparison to the 2550 mAh from current models. Its alternative version, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, could reach some 3600 mAh. This is logical, considering the new screen which is force-sensitive requires some extra power. What’s more, the first model could take up to two hours to do a full charge, while the Edge edition might take only 2,2 hours, with some rumors indicating that users might be able to perform inductive, wireless charging.

We can see Samsung are bringing several popular features that had been dropped in previous generations, being close to what we saw in the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy S6 was indeed a resounding success, but many users complained about the lack of HDD space and autonomy. If it isn’t broken, do not fix it, right?



The mentioned specifications aren’t the only ones that will receive upgrades or changes, as the camera will also be greatly enhanced. The Samsung Galaxy S7 will have only 12 megapixels, which is kind of surprising when we consider today’s standards when it comes to photography. This decision helps enhance performance in low light areas, but it still is something upsetting for a group of vocal fans. When it comes to the the front camera, it is going to feature a 5 megapixels one. The Samsung Galaxy S7 will feature on top 4 GB of RAM memory, and a QUAD HD screen.

Samsung are looking to renew and improve what we already saw in the Galaxy S6, bringing a similar design but improving its features and hardware for better performance. We are glad they listened to the user’s feedback, and great features from the past from the Galaxy S5 are coming back too. We can not wait to hear more about this upcoming phone once it gets officially introduced and put on sale.

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