The Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Come In Two Sizes

It is not going to be long until we can enjoy Samsung’s next creation, the Galaxy S7, which will arrive in Q1 2015 in two variants. Read all the details in this story!


Samsung are working hard but keeping us expectant about the upcoming new member of the Galaxy family, the Samsung Galaxy S7. With many rumors about its specs, capabilities and features, it seems that we can finally confirm some information about its variants, and it is likely we will only be getting two, as opposed to its predecessor, the Galaxy S6.

The internet exploded in anticipation a few weeks ago when the first few rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S7 variants started popping up, and finally, thanks to a report from a South Korea media outlet, we can confirm at least two. Let us note that when it comes to the aesthetics, there won’t be any major changes when compared to the Galaxy S6, but what is under the hood is quite different, offering more horsepower thanks to its better processor and increase in RAM memory. Even though some rumors also mention a better camera with better sensors, the truth is in the end it might have less megapixels – but as any photograph enthusiast knows, this isn’t really indicative of its over-all quality.



At first, rumors claimed the Galaxy S7 would release in two version (Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge) with the possibility of a Plus version releasing in the future, but it seems this last version will never come to fruition and the only editions will be the standard one and the curved one. The original version will feature a 5.2 inches screen, while the cruved one will have a 5.7 inches one instead, similar to what we saw in the Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge Plus.

This strategy is very similar to what is happening with the last few Apple smartphones: the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which came out in two sizes (4.7 inches and 5.5 inches respectively). This way, users know what options they have from even before its release, and can already pick the size that works best for them.

Rumors indicate that Samsung is going to produce some 5 million units, at least initially, with 3.3 of them being Samsung Galaxy S7 while the remaining 1.7 are going to be Galaxy S7 Edge. This production cycle is scheduled for February of 2016, so insiders expect the new Galaxy phones to debut some time in March. It seems the new year will come with many new devices for the techies who are looking to update their smartphone experience, so all that is left is to wait and see how the Korean giant and its competitors will revolutionize the industry this time around.

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