Game Girl, a portable gaming solution for classics lovers

The classics come back to the forefront with this clever use of 3d printing and electronics! Meet the Game Girl, an effort to bring back the classics to the forefront.


Nintendo has done great things since the Game Boy, when it comes to portable systems, but the truth is the 3DS doesn’t really capitalize on the love for the classics. Until Nintendo gets their Virtual Console act together (and from what we’ve seen, this might take time), the guys at Adafruit have come up with a solution for the meanwhile.

The Game Girl (PiGRRL) is a Raspberry Pi Linux PC put inside a case resembling the classic Game Boy. It uses some components from a SNES controller, just so you know the d-pad works like it should, but the rest is all modern technology. The project was created to celebrate the 25 years of the Game Boy, but that’s not all it can emulate/run, as NES, SNES, Gameboy and even Gameboy Advance are all playable on this little guy. Now, tell us you’re not in love.

Via The Mary Sue

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