HTC Finds Sales Success With The One M8

HTC makes great phones, but doesn’t always get the sales it needs to succeed.  Although recent numbers suggest that’s starting to change.


HTC has had a great run the past several years since introducing its “One” brand.  The phones are traditionally very highly reviewed and receive multiple top industry awards, but HTC has not been able to translate this success into sales numbers, posting losses quarter after quarter for several years now.

Finally, HTCs diligence and pursuit of quality has paid off–literally–in the form of $92 million in profit off of $2.2 billion in total revenue.  These numbers may not be significant when compared to Apple or Samsung, but for HTC it marks a turnaround, and hopefully indicates that the general public is now more familiar with HTC and associates the One brand with HTCs commitment to quality.

Although the new HTC One M8 is likely a large component of HTCs improved sales numbers, HTC has also gone above and beyond with its commitment to customer satisfaction through programs such as the HTC Advantage.  In addition to the HTC One branding, HTC has changed up its marketing game and may also be getting its name out there through social media and other mediums.

Since this is the same quarter that the HTC One M8 was launched in, it will be interesting to see if sales remain steady, or if the device launch marks the peak of HTCs performance for 2014.  Although its biggest product has already been announced, HTC may yet have some additional surprises incoming.  HTC has long been rumored to be entering the smartwatch race, which we will likely see shortly before christmas this year.  HTC has also been long rumored to be working on a new Nexus tablet, which was not announced at Google I/O, but we may still see that this fall with the launch of Android L.

With both iOS 8 and Android L incoming before the end of the year, the smartphone landscape may be in for some shifting, but if HTC can maintain its commitment to quality and keep sales up, then we may get to see some new life breathed into the long struggling smartphone manufacturer.

Source: Engadet

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