Games and TV Shows Collide in These Geeky Shirt Designs

Ever wondered how your favorite shows and video games would look when mashed up? Strange as it seems, Matt Parsons brings imagination to life. Check out these funky styles to bring out the stylish geek in you.

Matt Parsons TShirt 2

If you have been a fanboy of Star Trek and Super Mario Bros, then the Tribble Trouble shirt is the perfect one for you. This pays homage to Captain Kirk’s favorite little critters, the Tribbles, first seen on TV in 1967.

Matt Parsons TShirt 1

Parsons also depicts zombies in a new light, by mashing them up with Doctor Who and Plants Versus Zombies versus Plumbers. One can never have too much zombies, right?

Matt Parsons TShirt 3

If Hello Kitty and Star Trek is your thing, then order a Hello Scotty t-shirt.

Other designs of Parsons include tributes to Minecraft, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Portal, Sonic the Hedgehog, and tons more.

These shirt designs are available on the Neatoshop for about $19.95. There are shirt sizes for men and women. If you’ve been searching for a one-of-a-kind gift to for that special geeky someone, then perhaps you should give these tees a try.

Matthew James Parsons is a Nova Scotia based photographer and artist. He graduated from Plymouth University in the UK with a degree in photography. According to his portfolio website, providing entertainment to the viewers of his work means a lot to him. He aims to make his audience think, and not just see his work. If these geeky t-shirt designs make us laugh or smile even just a wee bit, then Parsons can consider it a mission accomplished.

Besides selling his work on the Neatoshop, Parsons also has his designs available for purchase on Teefury, Qwertee, and Redbubble, among other sites.

For more t-shirt designs, you can check out the electronic guitar shirt, evolution of AT-AT shirt, and the Lego evolution t-shirt.

Via Neatoshop