Lego Evolution T Shirt Design

Lego Bricks have graced popular figures, comic characters, retro gaming stars and even stuff of daily use, but Glenn Jones didn’t want to repeat history, so instead he brought a geeky pictorial representation of the Lego Evolution. It shows in five stages how a complete brick figurine is made in the same fashion a human evolution is illustrated.

The creator, Glenn Jones, has hatched from the land of New Zealand and runs a designer Tee store called the Glennz Store. This rendering is actually a T-shirt print for his retail shelves. Everything seems to be in place for this design, the vibrant color combination, the background but I think an addition could be made in this series of Lego evolution. Like I pointed out before, the generic full grown Lego could be succeeded by any character who took a second birth in the brick world like HellBoy Lego Figure or Transformers’ characters.

To the delight of all Lego Fans, this shirt can actually bought from the Glennz Store for $19.95 and the hoodie version for $29.95. For more groovy Lego art work, check out the Boba Fett Lego Armor and the Ferrari 250 GTO by Lego Technic that we featured earlier.