Block Heads – Final Fantasy VII 3D Printed Polygon Figures

Joaquin Baldwin brings us the cast of Final Fantasy VII in true blocky polygon form.

Final Fantasy 7 3D printer polygon figures by Joaquin Baldwin image 1

Polygons of the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64 era don’t seem to get as much love as their sprite-based counterparts, but that doesn’t mean someone out there holds a solemn torch for the blocky character style. Especially, someone with a 3D printer.

Enter animator and artist Joaquin Baldwin, who used his own three-dimensional scultpture maker to create his own Final Fantasy VII figures. Not fully-imagined representations found in official art mind you, but their 3D polygon models from the actual 1997 PSone title.

You’ll notice that the whole main cast for the hit Square Enix role-playing game is front and center, and really cute if do say so myself. Heck, even big meanie Sephiroth is adorable enough in his primitive polygon shape to forgive killing off you know who. Well, uh, almost.

Final Fantasy 7 3D printer polygon figures by Joaquin Baldwin image 2

Joaquin is offering each Final Fantasy VII character for sale through his Shapeway store, where you can also see his other unique gaming-themed projects. He designed this awesome mobius strip of a level from Super Mario Bros. that must be seen. So, go see it!

Oh, and if you were to ask me which one of his FFVII figured I would choose, I’d probably pick Red XIII; I always thought his design from the game was cool looking.

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