15 Freaky Gas Mask Designs for Doomsday

Unless you are Darth Vader with an uncommon fetish of mask, the only time you put on a gas mask is when you are in dangerous situations, facing the risk of inhaling “airborne pollutants” and toxic gases. As if wearing a gas mask alone is not alarm enough, some decided that gas masks should be even weirder with a touch of abnormality, and probably creativity. Here are 15 weirdest gas mask designs for you to be in style even when you are running for your life.

Star Wars Darth Vader Gas Mask


You don’t have to be a Star Wars to associate anything dark and masked with Darth Vader. The Sith Lord, with the power of the Dark Side, would probably never need this stuff to protect himself. Thus, the Darth Vader gas mask remains a collectible and is not for actual usage.

Darth Maul Gas Mask


Via: My Opera

It’s unclear where the creator of this gas mask took inspiration from, in the Star Wars trail of thoughts, the horns and the scary look on the face of this gas mask will definitely make you think of Darth Maul.

Steampunk Larp Gas Mask


Via: Crazy Auctions

The steampunk larp gas mask is a brilliant converted gas mask that comes with a peaked captain cap to complete your pirate look.

Leather Cthuhlu Mask


Via: Boing Boing

One of the scariest gas mask you have ever seen, the leathery Cthuhlu mask takes the form of an octopus head which somewhat reminds you of Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Mickey Mouse Gas Mask


Via: Critical Miami

Spotted at an exhibition called Illegal Art, the Mickey Mouse gas mask ripped Mickey Mouse off from his usual innocent image on Disney’s movies and turned him into an eerie creation. This is a possibly functional gas mask created by Bill Barminski.

Hello Kitty Gas Mask


Via: FK Clinic

The stylish Hello Kitty gas mask is a bold combination of the cuteness of Hello Kitty and the hideousness of a gas mask. Even Hello Kitty is masked!

Pachydermos Steampunk Elephant Gas Mask


Via: Tom Banwell

Created by Tom Banwell, a leatherworker from California, Pachydermos is a creative design where the gas tube is cleverly converted into the trunk of an elephant. The steampunk look is to add to its awesomeness.

Olifant Steamunk Mask


Olifant is another elephant inspired super steampunk gas mask from Tom Banwell. The leather is hand-sewn with waxed thread; while the cold cast aluminum, steel wires, and bolts are used to give the mask the antique look.

Steampunk Scary Gas Mask


Made out of jet black leather with two tubular extensions jetting out from the top, Bob Basset’s steampunk gas mask is a post-apocalyptic design that will give the wearer a scary look. It has a skin color that features a nose and an open mouth, with a solid, gold-colored right eyepiece and an opaque deep blue colored left eyepiece.

Steampunk Gas Mask


The team at Bob Basset is back with yet another hideous steampunk gas mask. The mask is crafted from leather, stones, metal, and other steampunkish materials, and the sinister look is complete with various holes on top, the circular eye windows with mismatched metal pieces and the perforated ear guard.

Designer Gas Masks




If you are a fashion freak who would rather die than to put on an ugly gas mask that spoils your look, these beautiful designer gas masks are your life saver. Designed by the Amsterdam based designer Diddo Velema, these three gas masks feature the patterns from luxurious brands.

LED Gas Mask


Instead of signifying danger and worries, the LED gas mask will set you in mood for parties. It is a minimalistic design that only goes over your mouth and nose. The LED that can change colors will definitely make you a hit at any party.

Knitted Gas Mask


Via: Geekologie

Knitted by Teriyakimoto for her biker friend, this gas mask might not be able to keep you safe from toxic gas, but will keep you warm and stylish during winter time.