Doctor Who Boardgames

The popularity of Doctor Who can’t really be compared with many other sci-fi TV programmes. In fact, it is listed in the Guinness Book of World records as the longest running Sci-fi TV show in the world.

It is also touted as the most successful futuristic show. Aside from breaking these records, The Doctor has inspired many toy makers, artists and designers to create new and innovative products and designs in order to attract the huge fan base. Doctor Who Save the Universe Board Game is one such product which finds inspiration in this particular character and TV show.

The game allows players to spin the arrow and play around the TARDIS. Board games can be quite boring to kids from today’s generation but thanks to a gripping game like this, one could perhaps revive interest in board games again. Doctor Who Save the Universe Board Game can be played by 2 to 6 people and the board unfolds an exciting journey of adventure, combat and excitement.

The game box comes with tokens, dice, spinning arrow and the TARDIS as well. It could be a trip down the memory lane for those from the previous generations and could be an initiation to board games for those who are used to playing games on computers and other gadgets. The best part about the game is that actual knowledge of temporal mechanics and Doctor Who series is not really required. Thus, kids as young as 6 and above can go ahead and have a blast. Doctor Who Save the Universe Board Game costs $34.99.

There is also a Kids Doctor Who – Time Wars Board Game which comes with an extra flip board that adds complexity to the game. This version can be played by kids aged 8 years and above. Kids Doctor Who – Time Wars Board Game costs $24.99. You could also take a look at the Doctor Who Money Bank, if you want to save some money. If you are into body art, do check out the cool TARDIS Tattoo.