20 Craziest Chopsticks Designs

If the only thing that stands between you and wonderful Asian cuisine is chopsticks, then 23 craziest chopsticks we are about to list below are very likely to give you motivation to overcome your clumsiness. Chopsticks are not that bad! They are crazy, they are geeky and they are fun. Equip yourself with perfect chopstick skills and enjoy the best of Japanese sushi, Chinese tofu and Vietnamese pho.

Star Wars Chopsticks

Only God (and George Lucas) knows if people of Galactic Republic use chopsticks or not, but they definitely should because those lightsaber chopsticks, aka chopsabers, look extremely cool. They come in three different colors with green for Luke Skywalker, red for Darth Vader and Yoda for green. While the first two measure 23cm in length, the Yoda one is intentionally smaller at 20 cm.

Samurai Chopsticks

Image Source: bookofjoe There is no better way to your fresh sushi with true Japanese spirit with these Samurai chopsticks. They also come in three different designs named after three actual 17th century Japanese samurai: Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura and Maeda Keiji.

Macbook Air Styled Chopsticks

Image Source: GadgetSin Before you Apple fan boys go crazy over this news, we have to warn you that they might not be real chopsticks. Apparently somebody has put the lateral view of the new MacBook Air into a photo of Japanese styled food  which resulted in a pair of ultra cool Macbook styled  aluminum chopsticks with some mysterious holes. But it would be really awesome if somebody actually made a real pair of chopsticks like this, wouldn’t it?

Neon Genesis Evangelion Chopsticks

Image Source: Geek Pinoy Designed like the plug or small pods the pilots use to board their awesome robots, Neon Genesis Evangelion Chopsticks are really cute and highly collectible for Neon Genesis Evangelion’s die hard fans. You can even remove the small door and reveal a miniaturized version of your favorite EVA pilot.

Magical Girl Chopsticks

Image Source: Fanboy With baby pink color and a fantasy theme, this pair of chopsticks will definitely make any girl go crazy. It is designed based on Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel – an anime aired in 1983.

Bullet Train Chopsticks

Playfully called “the world’s fastest chopsticks”, these chopsticks are inspired by Japan’s famous bullet trains, and have been officially endorsed by the Japan Rail Line. They come in different model series: the classic O series and N700 trains, and even the Kikura or the stylish blue and yellow 922 train.


Image Source: Designboom With millions of trees are being cut down every year to make disposable chopsticks, Korean designer Hak-Byoung Kim has introduced a green chopstick concept called flostick. Made of discarded branches, flosticks can be used 4 times by peeling off layer after layer and each layer is composed of 3 leaves. This whole process is not about trash,but a natural restoration procedure.

Pencil Chopsticks

Image Source: Freaking News If you have watched Project A, it’d be hard for you to forget the scene when Jackie Chan can’t find any chopsticks to eat, so he grabs a couple of handy pencils to chows down with and ends up eating both his noodles and the little erasers on the end of the pencils. Things would have been much easier for Jackie if he had with him this pair of pencil chopsticks, or chopstick pencils or whatever it is.

Eat with Your Glasses

Image Source: Yanko Design This is where the old school glasses prove to be superior to the modern contact lenses. Brad Gressel has come up with Stix glasses concept where the arms are home to a pair of stainless steel tipped chopsticks.

Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

Image Source: Ohgizmo These pipette style chopsticks let you fill them with liquid: soy sauce, fish sauce or whatever sauce you like. They’re made out of ABS and polypropylene and they can stand heat ranges from -5 degrees to 90 degrees.

Tukaani Chopsticks

Image Source: Yanko Design If you have ever felt embarrassed because you are unable to deal with chopsticks in a sushi bar, Tukaani chopsticks are for you. Kayiwa developed this design based on the bill of a Toucan bird. The sterling silver utensil allows for the user to steadily grip their food and place in their mouth without the fear of looking like a fool. The loop at the end of the design allows for easy storage and display.


Chimpsticks got its name from both its design and its purpose: it’s for those who are as clumsy as chimps when it comes to chopsticks. The 21 cm long chopsticks are also perfect for kids as its look would provide a feeling that the Chimp’s kid is actually holding the food from its little hand. Each set is priced at sweet $6.99 and you can reuse it.

Chopsticks Aid

Image Source: One Inch Punch If you are ashamed to admit your clumsiness with chopsticks, a little effort to make a cool and clever chopstick aid may save your face. A German website has an idea to clip a pair of chopsticks together for easier usage which you can easily adapt to make one on your own.


Image Source: Tokyo Made While the stickpecker, made of acrylic, is a solution for the waste of resources for the sake of disposable chopsticks, its magnet resembles the feeling of pulling apart wooden chopsticks. It looks really artistic also.

Forgetmee Fork Chopsticks

Image Source: Shop modi Awarded “good design 2006” from the chicago athenaeum, Forgetmee is a combination of a soup spoon and chopsticks that frees you to enjoy your noodles with one hand while you go on doing other things with the other. Forgetmee is made of plastic at 11” long.

Chopsticks plus Two

Image Source: aissalogerot This chopstick comes with a toothpick elegantly disguised inside the other end to take care of your teeth after a delicious Oriental meal.

Chorks = Chopsticks + Forks

Image Source: The Green Head We have heard of Sporks (spoon + fork), Knorks (knife + fork), proposed Knorkoons (knife + fork + spoon) and finally we now have Chorks (chopsticks + fork). Even though the names sound cool, we need to put our hands on them to see if they are really useful or not.


Image Source: Yanko Design Another combination of chopsticks and forks with no less revoluntionary name, Chopork is a living proof of nowadays cutlery’s identity crisis.

Fan Chopsticks

Image Source: life:and:lim This is no doubt one of the most useless innovations of the century. Your hand would be well numbed because of the fan’s weight before the fan could be of any help to cool down your noodles.

FlipSticks™ Folding Chopsticks

Image Source: Brunton Dubbed as Flipsticks, this pair of chopsticks can be folded for neat packing on a camping trip and easily stretched out to enjoy your favorite Asian dish.