Star Wars Chop Sabers to Eat in Style

Do you want to feel like brave Jedi warriors even when you savor your favorite sushi? If yes, the Star Wars chop sabers are made just for you. Using these chopsticks that are modeled on lightsabers – one of the famous Jedi weapons, you can now give a unique dimension to your eating habits.


You can take you pick from the three varieties that are available namely the blue colored Luke Skywalker, red colored Darth Vader and Yoda in green color. While the first two measure 23cm in length, the last one is slightly smaller at 20 cm.

So, bring home your Star Wars chop sabers for only $12.99 to skillfully maneuver your food and enjoy a new experience of eating the sushi or some other delicious Asian foods. You may even gift these chopsticks with unique design to someone who loves to eat sushi in style.

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