Dockem: Universal Dock For All your Smartphones and Tablets

For those of us who don’t own a night stand, it becomes excessively difficult to store our cellphone cum alarm clock at an arm’s length, without knocking it off the bed every night. Then arises the problem of where to keep your phone while it’s charging and for a few of us geeks with a gadget overload in your apartments, the question becomes, where did I keep that phone? You ask for a cure and Christopher Moyer gives you just that and much more with the amazing Dockem.

Dockem 1

The Dockem is a universal smartphone and tablet accessory that provides you with a whole new and simplified way of storing your device. With the Dockem, you can dock your iPhone, BlackBerry or any other smartphone onto the wall next to your bed, dock your iPad onto the kitchen wall as your scrolling through recipes and the list is never ending.

Dockem 2

The Dockem was specially designed to be universal, so it can securely hold almost any smartphone, tablet or ebook reader. It was designed in such a way that your gadget simply rests in its pocket, without being clamped down in any way. Thus, there is sufficient space for you to leave your BlackBerry’s protective case on.

Dockem 3

Another great feature of the Dockem is that it was designed to work with removable command strips, so don’t worry it’s not going to damage your wall even if you decide to remove it and it is crafted to keep your gadgets safe and secure.

Dockem 4

Dockem 5

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