17 Geeky and Funny Haircuts

Costumes are so last year. Now the latest way to show that you have a truly geeky head is to have a truly geeky haircut. Some of the haircuts are so cool that you might want to get one for yourself the next day. Some of them are so funny that you can’t help ROLF-ing. But whatever the case is, if you have any of these 17 crazy haircuts, you’ll definitely get people’s attention wherever you go.

Voldemort Haircut


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Harry Potter fans all know that in the first book, Voldemort was hiding on the back of Quirrell’s head. Now you too can have an evil alter ego with this haircut. The back of the head was shaved to make it look like a face with sun glasses, beard and even nostrils.

Disguise Haircut


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With the top of head shaved to look like a face and a pair of glasses to disguise, you can probably make some professors with bad eyesight believe that you are listening attentively while you are actually sleeping.

Shitty Haircut


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No kidding, but my head is full of shit!

Economical Haircuts



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My deepest condolence to the hat industry, but who needs a hat if you can get a haircut like this, or like this?

Tiananmen Haircut


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A (supposedly) Chinese guy decided to commemorate Tiananmen Square massacre by shaving Tiananmen Square on his head. His patriotism is reinforced with a Chinese flag on top.

Dragon Haircut


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This kid is no ordinary kid. He has the head of a dragon.

Olympic Haircut


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American speedskater Ryan Bedford has found a way to entertain himself and to prepare for the next Olympic season. A quick decision of an ebullient night and Ryan’s head turned out to be a mix of Olympic Rings and American flag.

Batman Haircut


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You know where the Knight of Gotham nights go during daytime: he rests on some crazy fan’s head.

Tetris Haircuts



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Forget those girly Tetris tattoos and nail paintings. A guy with a brickhead must get himself a Tetris haircut which features Tetris blocks in their typical colors. Or if colors are too still too girly for you, this colorless Tetris haircut might help.

Pac-Man Haircuts


Pac-Man haircuts are a good idea for couple haircuts: one of the haircuts features the hungry Pac-Man eating the dot, and another features one of the ghosts.

Creative Commons Haircut


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South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) participants are all geeks. One of them was spotted with a CC haircut to promote Creative Commons.

Apple Haircut


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Few electronic brands have such a loyal customer force like Apple’s. Allen Paltrow, a 13 years old boy, was showing off his Apple haircut in front of the new Apple store on New York’s Fifth Avenue on the opening day.

Spock Haircut


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Spock is one of the movie characters with the most recognizable haircuts. Unfortunately, his haircut seems to look good on him only.

Princess Leia Haircut


Girls can also have geeky haircuts. Princess Leia haircut is not only geeky but also fashionable and ultra cute.

Textual Haircut


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Having a textual haircut that shows off your motto and mantra is not a bad idea. Resist might not be the best choice, but you can always replace it with words like: I’m Awesome!