The Ctrl, Alt, Del, Esc Coasters

Are you looking for cool drink coasters to adorn your dining table? Well if you’re a computer geek these coasters were designed with you in mind. They’re the super geeky Ctrl, Alt, Del and Esc Coasters.Ctrl, Alt, Del, Esc Coasters 1

All you computer obsessed like-minded geeks, could you imagine a keyboard without the prime Ctrl, Alt, Del and Esc keys? The world would be a different place without these essential keys, wouldn’t it? What would you do to cut, copy, paste, close the page, delete, start the task manager and I could just go on and on? Horrific would perfectly describe a world sans these keys, to us geeks at least!

Ctrl, Alt, Del, Esc Coasters 2

These Ctrl, Alt, Del and Esc are a set of four marble-style, keyboard key themed, absorbent coasters, perfect for the computer techie. The coasters are made using tumbled stone tile and are artistically crafted in classic black and white shades. They’re 4 by 4 inch in size and come with a cork backing to keep your tables and countertops scratch-free!

Ctrl, Alt, Del, Esc Coasters 3

The tile absorbs liquid which make these a set of four great coasters and you can also put this set together on a countertop and use these coasters as a very unique hot plate!

Ctrl, Alt, Del, Esc Coasters 4

These coasters, available at $17, make the perfect gift for your computer geek of a friend and would serve as a perfect conversation starter for those boring, nothing to talk about dinners.

Ctrl, Alt, Del, Esc Coasters 5

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